No Shortcuts to Understanding

A month before the birth of a baby a certain intensity seems to become evident. In the past year my family has been blessed with two more grandkids, a boy, Roman, the son of Matt and Jennifer in North Carolina, and a girl, Marciana, daughter of Jonathan and May, here in Kansas City. In both cases there was a strange mixture of anticipation, fear, excitement and impatience. The product is an atmosphere crackling with energy and incredible activity, things getting done that have easily been put off. 
The pre-birth of Christ must have had some of the same perspectives. Things had not been particularly easy during the time. Mary’s pregnancy had begun with a visit by an angel, followed  by a visitation of the Holy Spirit. I have heard many couples claim, “I don’t know how it happened!” Only Mary and Joseph, however, could truthfully say that. 
Having fathered and grandfathered children, I am glad the Heavenly Father took no short-cuts in the incarnation of His Son. His humanity, to be complete, necessitated the cooperation of Mary. It is His complete humanity, however, that is our hope. He was tested in all points like we are tested, scripture says. And so He understands.