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Christian Ed

We believe that one of the most effective ways to deepen your relationship with the Lord is through discipleship and education. Northland Cathedral makes this available through NC Christian Education Classes. Each study is led by a trusted leader within our church who will help you in your walk with Jesus.

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We have classes for all ages!  

Not sure which class to join? Email us at and we'll put you in touch with a Pastor than can help you find the right class. 

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NCYA class on contemporary and Biblical topics for young adults.  They are currently studying books of the Bible

Sunday 9:15 am | Room 21

Instructor: Emma Worley

family life

This is a class for singles and couples with weekly lessons designed for discussion. 

Sunday 9:15 am | Room 24

Instructor: Joe Caudillo


This is a diverse class that reaches out to the community throughout the year with service projects. They study a variety of topics.

Sunday 9:15 am | Room 2

Instructor: Steve Lager

ABOVE & BEYOND/RADIANT christian living

This class is for adults interested in studying books of the Bible, and is only offered in-person.

Sunday 11 am | Room 23

Instructors: Merna Andersen & Marylon Courtney


This is a class of older adults studying characters in the Bible.

Sunday 11 am | Room 24

Instructor: Linda Smith


This is a class for adults interested in studying various Biblical topics.

Sunday 11 am | Room 1

Instructors: Bob Bettis & Paul McNeil


This is a class for singles and couples that studies a variety of Biblical topics.

Sunday 11 am | Room 2

Instructor:  Ron Holt


This class is for singles and couples which examines an assortment of Biblical topics. 

Sunday 11 am | Room 11-12

Instructor: Nathan Scott


This interactive class features discussion over current topics as well as books of the Bible.  

Sunday 11 am | Room 21

Instructor: Moy Sappenfield


This is a class for all adults who want a solid Biblical foundation to build a strong Christian life upon. They are currently studying books of the Bible.

Sunday 11 am | Room 3

Instructor: Geraldine Jones


This early morning class is a discussion class on current events and Biblical topics.  

Sunday 8 am | Online Only

Instructor: Brent McIntosh

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