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Northland Cathedral is dedicated to bringing the life, hope, and purpose of Jesus Christ to people everywhere. With your help, we can reach people of every age, location, and language for Jesus Christ.  With your support, NC is currently able to support over 62 missionary partners in various parts of the world.  We couldn’t do it without you! 

Africa Missionaries

John Elliott works in education in Africa.

Bryan & Kim Burr work with Convoy of Hope, relief agency, in Kenya.

Carrol & Gayle Deal serve in Equatorial Guinea.

Jim & Cynthia Lemons minister in Cameroon.
Rebeckah Moore works in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Joel & Adrienne Charest serve in Mozambique.

Melodie Joice ministers in Tanzania.

Tim & Jenny Land minister to children in Cameroon.

Kirk & Marlene Spain minister in South Africa

Jay & Cheryl Taylor work in education in Africa.

John & Cheryl Easter lead Africa’s Hope.

Julia Lowenberg also ministers through Africa’s Hope.


Don & Terri Triplett minister to children and youth through King's Castle Ministries in El Salvador and Nicaragua.

Don & Melba Exley are missionaries to South America and conduct leadership training sessions.

Gary & Patty Heiney are veteran missionaries to Venezuela.

Bob & Cilinia Bueno direct Latin America Child Care in El Salvador

Judy Graner serves in Colombia, primarily in Bible School training and church planting.

Jon & Jen Dahlager are reaching the youth of Costa Rica through directing national programs, teaching and training.

Paul & Kristi Robinson minister among the law enforcement community in Colombia.

Jonathan & Michelle Wellborn minister in Argentina.

Bruce & Lisa Ridpath minister in the country of Colombia.

Josh & Lisa Sears work with missionaries preparing for ministry in Latin America

David & Kelly Godzwa provide leadership for missionaries to Mexico.

Josh Thompson will be working in El Salvador.

Asia pacific missionaries

David & Pat Plymire are veteran missionaries serving in radio ministry to China.

Nathan & Lisa Turney work with Asia's Little Ones, a ministry to children.

Marie Watson serves in Vietnam.

Rolly & Heather Hurst minister in Thailand.

Chris & Lindsey Carter minister in Japan.

Phil & Kim Rojak work in the island nation of
Papua New Guinea

Mark & Kim Gardner work with children in the Pacific Islands.

Keith & Delsey Garner minister in the Philippines.

Zechariah Cunningham will be leaving soon to work in Vanuatu.

Justin Canavan ministers to youth in Japan.

Europe Missionaries

Kent & Leslie Linneweh work in Holland in church planting.

Shawn & Deborah Galyen minister in Spain, working with university students.

John & Anita Koeshall minister to university students in Europe.

David & Dana Santiago pastor an international church in Spain.

Joe & Noemi Szabo are area directors for missionaries in southern Europe.

George W. & Debbie Flattery are planting a church in France.

Abbey Lammers ministers in Spain with Shawn and Debbie Galyen with university students.

Brian & Heather Nelsen are youth pastors in Germany.

Blair & Dina Bonin lead Student Ministries in Europe.

Eurasia missionaries

David & Beth Grant currently serve as Directors of Project Rescue.

Nick & Marcae Robertson minister in Minneapolis among northern Africans.

US Missionaries

Ben & Sherie Kaufman, Leadership Development

Mark & MaryAnn Rittermeyer head RV Maps in the south east.

Harvey & Sally Herman, Chi Alpha

Tom & Missy Trask, Chi Alpha, Columbia, MO

Kristine Carlson, Chi Alpha, Springfield, MO

Ray & Kassiani Gannon, Jewish Ministries

Gamal & Amal Gerges are church planters in the St. Louis area.

Elizabeth Campbell ministers with Chi Alpha.

Other ministries

Mark & Amy Flattery serve with Network 211; Mark is the director.

Flynn & Renee Clanton direct the Spanish ministry of Network211

Jim & Theda Bennett work with Global Initiative, reaching Muslim Peoples.

Frank & Lois Mayes are veteran missionaries currently working with Sustain Hope, a relief agency.

David & Elaine Damron are missionary architects, working around the world on building projects.

Kerry & Denise Godwin direct International Media Ministries in Madrid, Spain producing video programs.

Carla Marroquin ministers through Protect Me Project, in preventing human trafficking.

Chad & Dargan Phillips serve as directors of the Missionary Kids department of the Division of World Missions.

Rick & Patty Ridings serve in the land of Israel.

Get involved with missions

If you'd like to get involved with Missions at NC, or to discuss supporting a missionary, please fill out the form below so one of our team members can be in contact with you shortly!